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A personal umbrella policy is the ultimate way to protect your assets and your future. In addition to your standard lines of coverage, a personal umbrella provides an extra level of protection.

A personal umbrella policy covers you when your auto, home, or other personal lines insurance policy is exhausted. It serves as a safeguard against lawsuits that can not only impact your current assets but also your future earnings. In today’s litigious culture, the unfortunate scenario of being sued for damages that exceed your other policy limits is a real possibility. Ask your agent today about a personal umbrella policy.

With nearly every state in the country practicing financial responsibility laws, every driver is required to be financially responsible for bodily injury, property damage, and potential loss of income claims that may arise from a motor vehicle accident.

Similarly, homeowners need to protect themselves from liability claims. Whether you’re hosting a party and serving alcohol, experiencing a slip and fall accident on your sidewalk, or facing a situation where a dog bites a neighbor, you can be held liable for medical bills, rehabilitation programs, and lost wages.

Be sure to ask your insurance agent about umbrella insurance if you:

  • Conduct business activities from your home
  • Are involved in the farming business
  • Own other vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, or RVs
  • Own other vehicles, property, or aircraft that may be covered by another insurance policy

There are many reasons to talk to your insurance agent about an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance offers the ultimate peace of mind by eliminating gaps and insufficient limits in all your policies. You’ll be amazed at how affordable coverage can be.

Broader Coverage

An umbrella policy may also pay claims that are not typically covered by other personal policies. The policy covers not just you but also your spouse and all family members living in your household, anywhere in the world. Legal defense fees are also covered. The right coverage for you is unique – talk to a Complete Insurance Solutions agent today to find out how to protect yourself, your family, and your future with the right personal umbrella insurance for you.

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