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As the owner of a hot shot trucking business specializing in expedited freight, it’s crucial to have a dedicated insurance policy that caters specifically to your unique needs. Hot shot trucking involves transporting loads of cars or freight for one or more customers using vehicles such as three-quarter ton trucks or one and a half ton trucks with gooseneck trailers.

When it comes to insurance options for hot shot trucking, you’ll find similarities to other commercial auto policies, but with higher coverage limits:

  1. Liability Insurance: Provides coverage for both bodily injury and property damage.
  2. Physical Damage Insurance: Protects your vehicle and trailer against damage.
  3. Cargo Insurance: Safeguards your transported load during transit.

It’s worth noting that hot shot trucking is a specialized niche in the insurance industry, and not all insurance carriers readily offer coverage for this type of business. However, our extensive network of relationships with various insurance companies allows us to find the right insurance coverage tailored to your hot shot trucking insurance needs. Connect with us today to ensure your business is protected with the appropriate insurance coverage.

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